Healthy Harold Programme


The Healthy Harold programme supports children to:

  • Develop life skills relating to their health and wellbeing
  • Understand how to make healthy choices
  • Gain knowledge about health and their bodies
  • Develop self esteem and a positive understanding of themselves
  • Develop strategies for relating to others

Our teaching covers content across five major strands: food and nutrition, human biology, relationships & communities, identity and resilience, and substances. 

What we offer schools:

  • Experienced, registered teachers who have undergone additional training for this specialist role
  • A flexible resource that supports teachers in delivering the health curriculum to their children
  • A shared planning approach to create lessons specific to children's learning needs
  • A unique and engaging learning environment - our mobile classrooms come to your school
  • A quality, highly motivating and engaging programme that is flexible to the individual needs of the school and children
  • Professional development opportunities for teaching staff

Healthy Harold impact and outcomes:

Ministry of Education research identified 86% of schools use our Healthy Harold programme. We support schools to meet the unique needs of their children as part of the school’s teaching plan. Schools seek specialist support to get the very best outcomes to meet the needs of their children.

Teachers are asked to provide their feedback after their lessons with Life Education. This continuous evaluation process measures the quality of our teaching and how we meet teacher’s and children’s learning needs. This is managed independently through Research NZ. 

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