Impact and outcomes

Life Education has been educating children and young people about health and wellbeing for over 35 years.

Today, we are New Zealand’s largest health education provider in schools. We were named the leading external health provider, used in 86% of schools in the National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement published in 2018 by the Ministry of Education.

Annual Reports

Our latest annual report talks about the work we've been doing to educate and inspire children and young people to make positive choices. It showcases our people, our achievements and where our donations and funding go.

Previous annual reports:

A snapshot of a year


Delivered to 250,000 children at 1,500 primary and intermediate schools, through 26,000 lessons.


Delivered to 2,800 Year 7 & 8 tamariki  each year.


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Delivered to 14,000 rangatahi at secondary schools each year.

Delivered to 20,000 rangatahi at secondary schools each year.

Delivered to 21,000 rangatahi at secondary schools each year.


Delivered to 950 teachers and learning support staff each year.

Our impact and outcomes

As health education specialists, our goal is consistent with the NZ Curriculum; to equip children with the knowledge and skills so they can make informed decisions. Over time, informed decisions will lead to positive changes in society.

For over 35 years our Healthy Harold Programme has been supporting children to navigate the challenges of our complex and changing society. 

An NZCER review of the Healthy Harold programme found Life Education performed well on key indicators that reveal value in the classroom, in particular the educators’ strong expertise in health, engaging style and programme content.

Our Theatre in Education Programmes are provided in intermediate and secondary schools to rangatahi in Years 7 to 11. 

Launched in 2019, SMASHED uses powerful live theatre and interactive workshops to engage students on the dangers of underage drinking. 

SMART$, launched in 2020, is designed to provoke thinking and conversation around every day financial decisions and opportunities impacting young people.

Behind the Scenes, launched in 2022, explores the health risks of vaping and the influence of social media.

Feedback from Teachers

Healthy Harold

“Life Education are expert in health education for primary/intermediate school children. They deliver their knowledge and skills in an engaging way that caters for all ākonga.” (Teacher)

“Hard hitting messages delivered in a safe and supportive manner.” (Churchill Park School, Auckland)

“Unique experience with the mobile classroom, and educators who are wonderfully engaging, inclusive and professional and covered great content clearly and memorably. We were so impressed. I wish we could have your educator come and spend a lot more time with our learners!” (Teacher)

“Life Education provides equitable access so that our students don’t “miss out” as can sometimes be the way with being in a small rural community.”(Teacher)

“Everyone loves Harold. Our Educator brings the messages to life for the students and we see a real difference after the Life Education visit.” (St Mark's Church School, Wellington)

“Relevant to issues with students in our classes. Engaging lessons that can then be taken back to the classroom and continued, [especially] the discussions.” (Teacher)

“Life Education makes learning fun. The enthusiasm of the teachers is incredible. Children of all abilities and learning styles feel involved as the lessons are very practical." (Fairhaven School, Hawke’s Bay)

“I'm particularly thankful for the way [Life Education] can promote the key competencies which are not always easy to teach and there are limited resources for. Thank Life Ed - we love you.” (Rewa Rewa School, Wellington)

“The delivery of an important part of the NZ curriculum in a dynamic and informative manner. The ability of the deliverer to support and further what our school is promoting. The Educator took the time to ask about our school's values and relate them to his delivery” (Halcombe School, Manawatu).


“I thought it was fantastic, as did my colleagues. Speaking to the students in my class I know they enjoyed it and seemed to pick up the concepts delivered. We massively endorse SMASHED. Thanks so much for reaching out to us.” (Saint Kentigern College, Auckland)

“Our students absolutely loved the [SMASHED] performance and the three presenters were amazing. There was a lot of important information and messages based around the affects of alcohol that really hit some of our kids and us teachers as well. So, can you please pass on to the presenters that we really enjoyed having them call in to our college on their way through to Napier and to thank them as well.” (Wairoa College, Wairoa)

“The Behind the Scenes team delivered an upbeat performance to our Year 7 & 8 students that held their attention from start to finish. Their transition between information and entertainment was seamless meaning our students were informed throughout the whole performance. Even though our students have had presentation on vaping before this was by far the most engaged I have seen them. These three young people delivered a tough message in a way we can not do in a classroom and I believe their message got through to a majority of our students.”  (Gina Smith, Principal, Featherston School)  

“Our students were treated to a very professional and informative performance by the actors from the Life Education Trust on the dangers of vaping. 

It was pitched at just the right level for our Year 7 and 8 students in a relatable and interactive format that kept them totally engaged the whole time. It was clear in the follow up workshops that they had understood the main messages and were more aware of the dangers caused by vaping." (Neil Preston Deputy Principal Greytown School) 

Teacher professional development

“Great informative PLD - reassured my belief in the importance of relationships and connecting with students with diverse needs...very inspirational and affirming.” (Teacher)

“Thoroughly enjoyed the session, and am so thrilled this will be offered to schools throughout Aotearoa to upskill and share knowledge in terms of supporting ND ākonga.” (Teacher)

“Thanks for this webinar it was very insightful and explained things in a way that was easy to understand.” (Teacher)