Life Education Trust Taranaki has been successfully delivering the Life Education programme to empower children to make healthy choices.

In 2017 we visited 84 schools, taught 1,128 lessons and saw 12,256 children. Our dedicated Trustees continue to provide fundraising activities in order to allow more children to be educated by LET Taranaki.

Contact details

Michelle Williams, 021 842 445, taranaki@lifeed.org.nz
Megan Lilley, 027 543 3019, newplymouth@lifeed.org.nz
Chairperson: Matt Goodin, 027 788 7001, matt.goodin@lff.co.nz 
Vice-Chair: Jacinta Hurley jacintah@xtra.co.nz
Financial Controller: Karley Gillum Taranakitreasurer@lifeedtrust.co.nz
Secretary: Janet Lean  jwlean7@gmail.com
Executive Officer: Kelly Fryer, 027 426 2258, kelly.fryer@lifeed.org.nz

Ex Chairman: Steak Goodin, 2000 QSM  NZ Life Member jgoodin@farmside.co.nz
Christine Goodin, 1997 NZ Life Member jgoodin@farmside.co.nz
Jan Dempsey        npjand@gmail.com
Steve McKean       themckeans@xtra.co.nz
Susan Webb          vmw@xtra.co.nz
Ruth McKernan    AP.RC.McKernan@xtra.co.nz
Kirsten Reakes      kirsten_reakes@hotmail.com
Anita Walsh          anita@awphysio.co.nz
Steve Smith          steve@vmc.co.nz

Proudly supported by

TSB Community Trust
Hooker Pacific
Lotteries Grant Board
Legal Solutions
McDonald Everest Insurance
Taranaki Associated Cleaners
Stars Travel International Ltd
Quality Hotel Plymouth International
The Devon Hotel A Heritage Hotel
Z Energy


Harold Club members

Kingsway Menswear
Richard and Linda Crowe
Paul and Bernadette Bourke
Kevin and Catherine Landrigan
Rural Women
Onitaw. Stephen and Janet Fleming
Kathryn Stanley
Kevin and Judith Mullin
Graeme and Margaret Phillips
Goodin Country Garden
Pepper Construction
WR Phillips
Fresha Food Store
BP to Go Motoroa and Powderham
Radius Thornleigh Retirement Village
Chaos Café
Richard Handley
Vospers Funeral Home
Rachel McCormack
Vogeltown Pharmacy