Our Programme

We utilise a share planning approach with schools to create individualised lessons that could cover content across five major strands: food and nutrition, human biology, relationships & communities, identity & resilience and substances.

You can read more here about Life Education's graduate profile, inquiry model and linkages with the New Zealand Curriculum.

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What are senses and what do they do for us?

How do our bodies get energy from the food we eat?

How do we know what other people could be feeling?

What do we need to know about the food we eat?

How can our feelings influence the way we act?

What are the impacts of the decisions we make?

Why is physical activity good for our bodies?

Why is the air we breathe important to us?

Where can I go for help?

What makes us special and unique?

What makes our bodies work?

Why is it important to show empathy towards others?

Why do we need to eat different kinds of foods to stay healthy and give us energy?

What does it take to be part of a team?

How do we adapt to suit certain situations?

How do we see the world and is it ok to think differently?

What are feelings?

How do we make decisions?

What makes me a good friend?

What does Digital Citizenship mean to me?

What's inside our bodies?

What do all living things need to stay alive?

How do we keep ourselves safe?

What is peer pressure and how can we deal with it?

How do we change as we get older?